Reliable and Secure Communication

Our research group at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Aalborg University work on research topics related to communication.

Since Shannon's seminal paper in 1948 the theory of communication has grown into a huge area. It encompasses different topics such as error-correcting codes, cryptography, secret sharing, steganography, source coding, and network coding. A broad range of mathematics is involved in the study including algebra, linear algebra, computer algebra, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and probability theory. Furthermore, many communication structures can be considered as mathematical subjects in their own right. Also, the study of communication theory often leads to developments in purely theoretical areas. This, for instance, is the case for the theory of finite fields and related structures, and also for computer algebra.


New postdoc

Reto Schnyder has joined the research group. He will be working as a postdoc under the SECURE collaboration with Department of Electronic Systems.

Olav Geil has been appointed Vice Dean for Education

From February, Olav Geil will be starting work as Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. He will, however still be a part of our group and continue his research.

Umberto goes to Toronto

Umberto Martínez-Peñas has been granted an international postdoc from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Umberto will work for two years at the University of Toronto: Skew polynomials: From Algebra to the Internet.