Reliable and Secure Communication

Our research group at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Aalborg University work on research topics related to communication.

Since Shannon's seminal paper in 1948 the theory of communication has grown into a huge area. It encompasses different topics such as error-correcting codes, cryptography, secret sharing, steganography, source coding, and network coding. A broad range of mathematics is involved in the study including algebra, linear algebra, computer algebra, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and probability theory. Furthermore, many communication structures can be considered as mathematical subjects in their own right. Also, the study of communication theory often leads to developments in purely theoretical areas. This, for instance, is the case for the theory of finite fields and related structures, and also for computer algebra.


Celebrating the influence of Ruud Pellikaan

René B. Christensen, Olav Geil, Umberto Martínez-Peñas, and Diego Ruano all participated in the Codes, Cryptology and Curves-conference in celebration of Ruud Pellikaan, taking place at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

SCN 18

René B. Christensen will participate at SCN 18 held in Amalfi, Italy. Here, he will present joint work with Ignacio Cascudo and Jaron S. Gundersen, both from this group. The paper is called ‘Actively Secure OT-Extension from q-ary Linear Codes’.

Crypto 2018

Ignacio Cascudo participated in Crypto 2018 held in Santa Barbara, California. Here, he presented ‘Amortized Complexity of Information-Theoretically Secure MPC Revisited’, which is a joint work with Ronald Cramer, Chaoping Xing, and Chen Yuan.

The talk was recorded and is available at YouTube.